IOF Level 6 (Pistol) Tactical Advanced

Pistol No light and Low Light Training

Course Information

This course is designed for former military personnel deploying into hostile environments or needing show a weapons proficiency award within the past 12 months for most security contracting companies like Vinnell Corp, G4S, Academi, Aegis, DynCorp, Guardaworld, Blue Hackle, CACI and AKE to name a few. This course will also develop new skills for the student who uses a diverse weapon system in a tactical environment. Course is designed to teach our students how to operate weapons systems such as pistol, sub-machine pistol and carabine. You will practice skills that will develop your accuracy and increase your confidence with your pistol, sub- machine gun and carbine. This course is fast paced with 90% practical training time to prepare students to handle the most challenging tactical shooting situations. Please read below what we are going to cover in this course.

Minimum Required Kit List

  • Tactical Belt
  • Tactical/Outdoor Boots
  • Clothing Appropriate For Climate and Conditions
  • Shooting Glasses (Ballistic)
  • Shooting Ear Protection (Ear Defenders)

Course Dates

Every 27th – 28th of the Month

Course Length


Course Cost


Skill Prerequisites IOF Level 1 Pistol, Level 2 Pistol, Level 3 Pistol and Level 4 Pistol and Level 5 Pistol Awarded within the past 12 Months


•  Refresh Gun Safety Rules and Range Safety Procedures
•  Refresh One Hand Shooting Protocols and Drills
•  Different Types of Flashlight

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