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How Will I Benefit?

Value For Money

Investing In Training That Comes With Professional Recognition


Demonstrably Better Quality Outcomes Through An Up-Skilled Workforce


Leadership Within The Organization, With Associated Benefits Of Improved Service Delivery And Greater Productivity.


Leading To Reduced Staff Turnover, Greater Stability, And Less Need To Spend Money On Externally Recruiting New Managers And Leaders.


Skills You Learn Are Immediately Applicable In The Workplace, Because Of Our Tailor-Made Approach


Through The UCP’s Tried And Tested Best Practice Management Techniques

How To Become A Bodyguard

Getting The Right License For The Right Job

UCP Training Was Born In 2003 To Fill A Recruitment Void. You Will See From Our Course Programs That The Courses Have Been Designed To Get You That Job.

Each Course And Structure Have A Purpose, Which Is To Seat You Into The Industry At A Certain Level. The Main Purpose Is The International Licenses, Namely The SIA License.

Training And Tasking Are The Keys To Better Employment Positions, Together With Continued Professional Development Courses (CPD) Keeping Your Present Or Future Employer Confident That Their Staff Is Learning New Skills For Their Industry.

There Are So Many Companies Offering Courses Making Your Options Hard To Decide, But Without Research, You Will End Up With Just A Piece Of Meaningless Paper For Your Future Employer.

In Fact, It Can Have The Opposite Effect, And The Employer Or Interviewer Sees Your Bad Choices As A Sign Of Lack Of Awareness Or Prior Investigatory Practice.

Resulting In Badly Learned Drills And Skills From Inadequate Instructors Thus, Leading Or Adding To The Threat Itself. UCP Recruit From Their Own Training Base Due To The High Standards Of Our Clients’ Needs, And For The Protection Of Their Image And In Some Cases, Life.

Be first to hear about new jobs. Upload your Resume (CV) preferably in PDF form to the link below.

UCP Is Designed To Enhance Life And Exceed Expectations.

To Offer Any Client Anywhere Globally, A Highly Trained Close Protection Or Security Professional Is Our Purpose. Whether Its Hostile Environment Close Protection Officer (HECPO) Or An Executive Close Protection Operative (ECPO) Aka Bodyguard Or VIP Bodyguard, Or Just An Entry Into The Security Industry, UCP Courses Are Here To Help You Reach Your Goal And Start You Off In Your New Career Path. UCP Recruit From Their Own Training Base Due To The High Standards Of UCP’s Own Clients And Knowing From Over 3 Decades Of Experience Exactly What The Industry Client’s Expectations Are And How We Can Exceed This For Them.