Welcome To Your Team Management

With over 200 years’ experience from this UCP TEAM management, it should go without saying that the determination to exceed expectations is their motto.

UCP is a global company and as such we operate in all four continents and over 26 countries worldwide.

We have operational offices and representatives in 12 countries and 9 training academies in strategically placed locations to support UCP and other contracting company’s operations.

Special UCP Security Academies located in; UK, Africa, North America, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, and South America.

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UCP chose the best possible workforce to take this forward with the industry knowledge from former and present Private Military and Security Contractors (PSC/PMC)

For UCP to “make this happen” we needed some of the best personnel in the industry from; former and present operatives and instructors including members of the 22nd Special Air Service regiment (22 SAS), UKSF such as the Royal Marine Commandos, British military firearms instructors and (CBRN) chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear instructors. Civilians with expert knowledge of VIP and celebrity protection, former members from the elite Unit 109 (Private contracting high risk security unit) MI5 Former Surveillance experts.

With a blueprint of world class instructors and operators from private and military backgrounds there are no limits for what UCP can supply.

Team Members

We’re a group of passionate people.

, Team Management

Frank Odin

UCP France Representative and Director
, Team Management

Rafael Puertas

UCP Spain Business Development Manager
, Team Management

Stewart Davis

recruitment director
, Team Management

Ashley Davis

UCP UK Representative and UCP Group Director
, Team Management

David Herrera

UCP Spain Representative
, Team Management

Gianluca Mereu

UCP Italy Representative and Director and UCP Group Director
, Team Management

Wyatt Christensen

UCP France Representative
, Team Management

Greg Christensen

UCP USA Representative and UCP Group Business Development Manager
, Team Management

Zaied Al Sultani

UCP Group Director and Legal Adviser
, Team Management

Faheem Azhar

UCP UAE Representative and Business Development Manager



Private Military and Security Contractors (PSC/PMC)


Hostage Negotiation

Close Protection Executive and Hostile Environments

Unarmed Combat

Chemical Biological Radioactive and Nuclear CBRN

Elite Sniper Unit Firearms Instructors

SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics Section)

Penetration Testing

Bush Craft and Survival

K9 (dog) Units

EOD / IED (Explosive Ordnance Disposal / Improvised Explosive Devices)

Medic | Tier One

Firearms Instructors from NRA and Military