5 Day Surveillance Awareness for the Close Protection Operative Close Protection

5-Day surveillance awareness for the close protection operative


For already trained close protection operatives that wish to enhance their surveillance awareness

Anyone wishing to enter the security industry for unarmed close protection employment

This course is designed for those learners wishing to apply a more strategic approach to their operations and safety of their client using the counter surveillance skills.

Course Information

Surveillance awareness equips individuals to identify circumstances where those conducting surveillance are particularly vulnerable to compromise, provides an insight to the manner in which surveillance will be conducted and consequently options to identify when it is being undertaken.

UCP 5 day Surveillance Awareness Course was designed to cover all the basic to intermediate surveillance; from vehicle, foot, Technical to static and rural surveillance.

Our own former Mi5 instructor will carry out this instruction.

  • Identify potential targets of adversarial surveillance.
  • Describe the information obtained by surveillance that is of interest to adversaries.
  • Recognize indicators of surveillance within the everyday environment.
  • Identify actions that you can take to detect potential adversarial surveillance incidents.
  • Describe the importance of identifying and reporting suspicious activities associated with adversarial surveillance.
  • Specify actions you can take to report potential incidents of adversarial surveillance.

Minimum Required Kit List

Security Advance Party kit list


We play the grey man and as such please bring clothing that has no logos or bright colours.

Smart casual and casual clothing with good walking shoes and trainers


Laptop with Microsoft word and power point, USB memory stick with 10 GB max as you will not get this returned, Camera or phone camera with leads, small and large Notebook (small for day to day log) black pen and pencil with rubber.

What’s included:

What is not included:

Course Dates

 1st  of every month

Course Length


Course Cost



  • Externally set and internally assessed open response questions
  • Internally set and internally assessed Practical Tasks


Level 2 Award in: SAP (Security Advance Party) surveillance awareness for the close protection operative

Skill Prerequisites reasonable understanding of the English language, reasonable fitness level


The qualification comprises one mandatory unit:

Unit 1 – Working as a Close Protection Operative

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a security advance party close protection operative
  • Understand basic surveillance, anti-surveillance, and counter-surveillance techniques
  • Understand data protection and privacy legislation relevant to a close protection operative
  • Understand the importance of interpersonal skills within a close protection environment
  • Understand the importance of reconnaissance within a close protection environment
  • Understand search procedures within a close protection environment
  • Be able to establish and maintain secure environments
  • Understand negotiation
  • Lock picking and entering venues and buildings