Level 5 Advanced Tactical Carbine 5.56/7.62mm

Advanced Tactical Carbine Live Firearms Training


The course is designed for any private security operative, individual or groups, military or non-military to gain their weapons proficiency which is now a pre-requisite for many or most security contracting companies working within the armed security sector.

Course Information

This course is designed to begin and develop skills for the student who uses carbine as a primary firearm in a tactical environment. You will practice skills that will reduce your reaction time, allow you to shoot faster with higher degree of accuracy, and increase your confidence with Carbine. Students will leave with a good understanding of shooting fundamentals and how to apply them in a tactical situation.

This UCP Course Will Show The Shooter How To Shoot From Various Firing Positions, And Uses For Each Multiple Sling operations, Drawing From The Slung Position, Ammunition Management, Having The Right Mindset, Weapon Retention (Techniques On How To Keep Your Weapon From Being Taken Away By An Attacker), Close Quarters Conflict, Transition Drills (transitioning From The Use Of The Carbine To A Pistol In A Tactical Situation, Building And Room Clearing Techniques, Low Light Techniques, Carbine With And Without Sling, Inured Arm Loading,

This Level 5 Course Will Give You Distinctive Shooting Faster reaction time with the natural aim ability.

Minimum Required Kit List

  • Tactical Belt
  • Tactical/Outdoor boots
  • Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions
  • Shooting glasses (ballistic)
  • Shooting ear protection (ear defenders)

What’s included:

What is not included:

Course Dates

24th of every month excluding December

Course Length

7 Days


USA ,Thailand and Lebanon

Course Cost



This Course Will Be Assessed By The Range Officer And Firearms Instructor For Safety (NSP’s), Range Protocol, Manners, Emergency Actions, Accuracy And Speed. 

It Will Be Assessed By 80% Practical And 20% Theory Examination


Level 5 Weapons Competency for Advanced Tactical Carbine Live Firearms 5.56/7.62mm

Skill Prerequisites - Basic Rifle/Carbine Safety Online
- Basic Carbine 5.56/7.62mm Live Shooting
- Tactical Carbine 5.56/7.62mm
- Dynamic Carbine 5.56/7.62mm


  • Carbine Manipulation
  • Refresh Gun Safety Rules and Range Safety Procedures
  • Dynamic Rifle Drills
  • Team Tactics
  • Carabine design and mechanics
  • Safety rules
  • Gear preparation (sling, mag pouches etc.)
  • Fundamentals of carbine shooting
  • Tactical shooting principles
  • Ready positions
  • Speed reloads
  • Tactical reload
  • Malfunctions
  • Double shots
  • Multiple targets
  • Alternate shooting positions
  • Shooting with use of cover
  • Various directions shooting
  • Shooting on the move
  • Weapon maintenance
  • Exam