10 Day UCP SWAT Course

SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Course


This 10-day course is designed for active law enforcement employees (Police, Border Guards, Soldiers) Private Security Contractors PSC working in challenging locations (Africa, South America, Middle East). UCP will familiarize you with all aspects of the DDM role.

The training is intense and requires participants to have self-discipline and excellent team communication during their tasks. 

This course is also for Hunters and Recreational Shooters. 


Course Information

10 Day Training

The UCP SWAT Course is a program designed from many of the courses our own instructors have attended with some of the most skilled SWAT teams on earth. Police special operation training designed for the individual with tactical skills and experience from the military and law enforcement fields. … The course covers all aspects of the SWAT and then advanced skills are met from tailored programs.

UCP will acquire counter-terrorism capabilities, skills and knowledge required to operate in urban terrain and respond to urban high-risk situations.

The 10 days training will cover law, tactics, police procedure, firearms, emergency driving, report writing and leadership. Instruction covers both classroom and practical learning and includes simulations of common field situations.

Minimum Required Kit List

  • Tactical Belt
  • Tactical/Outdoor boots
  • Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions
  • Shooting glasses (ballistic)
  • Shooting ear protection (ear defenders)

What’s included:

What is not included:

Course Dates

8th of every month

Course Length

10 Days


Italy, Sardinia, Nearest Airport Cagliari Airport

Course Cost



This course will be assessed by the range officer and firearms instructor for safety (NSP’s), range protocol, manners, emergency actions, accuracy and speed. 

It will be assessed by 80% practical and 20% theory examination

A portfolio of training will be complimented by your award presented to you for your proof of participation which you will take with you as proof of your learning


UCP award for the skill level in which you took this course.

The representative of the UCP will present you with your award at the end of the course


Skill Prerequisites

  • Level 1 Online Firearms (Rifle/Carbine)
  • Level 2 Basic Firearms (Rifle/Carbine)
  • Level 3 Basic Tactical Firearms (Rifle/Carbine)
*All prerequisite awards should not be expired
so please check the expiry date before applying
*All Candidates should have a reasonable level
of personal fitness


  • Safety Briefing
  • Fundamentals of Weapon Manipulation and Marksmanship: Re-fresh
  • TRTP Stage 1: Pistol/Carbine:
  • Unconventional shooting positions
  • Tactical reload
  • Shooting with a client / CPSD
  • Weak hand shooting drills: single hand manipulations
  • Concealed and open carry / CCF
  • CCS / Concealed and Cover shooting
  • MTE / Multiple target engagement – static and moving
  • Index shoot
  • IFR / Immediate Firing Response
  • TRTP Stage 2: SWAT:
  • SSE Pistol/Carbine: with Time pressure and without
  • TTM / Tactical Transition in Motion
  • TST and TSM engagements
  • Contact drills / Teamwork
  • Use of obstacle and obstruction
  • Iron and Aim Point Shooting-Reflex
  • LLSD (low light shooting drills)
  • Shooting under stress / IRS
  • Suppressive Fire Techniques
  • Summary of the Course: De-Briefing & Q&A’s
  • Exam
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